Published Articles & Media Mentions


Taking the Leap, 6 Learnings from 120 Days in Startup Land, LinkedIn, 3/20/18

Fit-bitten, AI&IoT Daily, 3/7/18

That Awkward Feeling, Business2Community, 2/22/18

Death of the Company Man,, 2/9/18

Death of the Company Man, Media Insider, 2/8/18

Quarry Invest in StartUp Aimed at Shifting Mindsets, Quarry, 2/7/18


The 12 Days of Kindness, LinkedIn, 12//20/17

The Marketing Challenge of Selling Human Technology, Business2Community, 12/15/17

6 Learnings From My First 30 Days in Startup Land, LinkedIn, 11/29/17

Industry Update Volume 25 December, Agency Mania Solutions 11/22/17

The 5 “Ss” Marketers Want From Vendors, Media Insider, 10/26/17

Running UpHill, LinkedIn, 10/12/17

Why Amazon is the New Google for Buying, Business2Community, 9/21/17

5 Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Business Travel, LinkedIn, 9/14/17

Do You Know Your Andres? MediaPost, 7/20/17

Jeff Bezos Secret Message for Marketers, Online Spin, 5/18/17

B2B Personalization: Delivering One-to-One Experiences to Buyers – eMarketer 5/3/17 (interview, see Content Library for a copy of the report)

Endpoint Computing Brings New Marketing Challenges – Online Spin 4/27/17

Have U.S Politics Made It Easier For Machines To Understand Humans? Online Spin, 3/9/17

A Breakdown of the Strategy Behind Bud’s Controversial Super Bowl Ad, Business to Community, 2/9/17

10 Tips for Fixing Your Sales Conversion Problem (Permanently), Media Post, 1/26/17


The Importance of ‘False Positive’ Brand Advocates, Online Spin, 12/22/16

Examining Buyer Motivations In B2B Sales: The 4 Groups Your Customers Fall Into, Business2Community, 12/20/16

Simple Tactics for Marketers to Impact Dealer Sales, Fatstax, 12/5/16 (Mention)

Will a New Sales Model Fix Performance Problems?, LinkedIn 11/21/16

The Importance of Emotional Mapping n B2B Marketing, Response Magazine 10/26/16

Why B2B Marketers Need to Map Emotional Experiences, Fierce CMO 10/26/16

Why B2B Marketers Need to Map Emotional Experiences, MediaDailyNews10/25/16

Experience Clouds Loom Large of the Horizon, MediaDailyNews 9/12/16

7 Tips for a Great Agency Partnership – CEB Member Newsletter 7/21/16

Binge buyers better served by more targeted info, fewer sales calls – B2B Marketing 7/7/16

Inbound Marketing – The Perfect Companion to Inbound Sales, BonaFide 6/27/16

Shifting Mindsets: Content Marketing Strategies That Are Changing How We Interact with Companies – Forbes 6/7/16.

8 Best Practices For B2B Marketing – 6/6/16

B2B Sales Enablement: Driving Strategic Efficiencies Along the Path to Purchase – eMarketer June, 2016 (member content, email me for the report)

The Future of Mobile Advertising (Unless We Screw It Up) – Mobile Marketing Daily 5/17/16

How Marketers Will Win (or Lose) in the Age of Digitalization – Business2Community 4/1/16

Why B2B Marketers Struggle Selling Brand Building Investments – Fortune 3/7/16

Three Dirty Little Secrets About B-to-B Marketing, Adage 2/3/16


Digital Game Changers in 2016, Le Site, 12/15

Two Views of Customer Loyalty, eBook, Direct Marketing News, 12/15/15

Move Over, Robowriters: Machines Can’t Write Emotional Content, Adage 12/4/15

Telling Ain’t Selling, MSN 11/10/15

Why Cheating” Brands Break Customers’ Hearts, Huffington Post 10/2/15

The Paradox of Personalization in B2B Marketing Business2Community 9/8/15

3 Mind Benders From FORTUNE’S Brainstorm Tech Conference Fortune 7/29/15

Three Hidden Reasons Brands Struggle with Authenticity Adage 7/2/15

Does All Work and No Play Make Marketers Dull? Fortune 5/14/15

From SXSW to ISBM: Where Tech is Leading US, Fortune 3/25/15

The Power of Creating an Emotional Connection with Buyers, gyro hi-tech newsletter Q1

Why We Need to Shut Up and Let Our Customers Buy Something BizMarketer 2/17/15

What Marketers Can Learn About Twitter From Pissed-Off High School Kids, Social Media Insider, 2/19/15

What Content Marketers Can Learn From Typhiod Mary, Adage 1/9/15


5 Key Tips and Data Points to Defend Your 2015 Marketing Budget Fortune 11/19/14

Five ‘Bigs” To Make Marketing Matter, Media Post 9/24/14

Why Apple Pay Could be Huge — And It’s Not What You Think, Adage 9/18/14

Will Content Marketers Kill Content Marketing? Fortune 9/2/14

Stop Blaming Price: Here Are 3 Real Reasons Why Deals Are Lost, Business2Community  8/12/14

Are Marketers Measuring The Right Things? 7/7/14 Fortune

B2B Brands: What You Do Is Not Who You Are, Adage 5/1/14

The Next Generation of Apps Will Be All about You, Adage 4/1/14

Could Falling Test Scores Be a Good Thing for the US , Forbes 1/6/14


The Stanley Cup Of B-to-B Social Media Online Media Daily 6/12/13

Half Of Your Pipeline Is Junk Forbes 5/20/13

Etsy And The Return Of The Small Merchant Media Post 4/24/13

Why Do People Run, Forbes 4/10/13

How Marketing Impacts Sales Performance Business 2 Community 2/19/13

Want a Job? Here Are 6 LinkedIn Tips, Online Media Daily 1/29/13

The Disappearing Sales Process, Forbes 1/7/13